An 18-year old defendant Neo Thebe, who was standing trial alongside 4 others, before a Botshabelo Magistrate’s Court, excreted in the dock, while the was charge was being read to the defendants.

The defendant, who was charged for housebreaking and theft in the neighborhood, told the investigating police officer that he was pressed and wanted to use the toilet just before the court started sitting, but they refused to let him go, with the beliefe that he might run away.

Neo started sweating profusely out of increased tension from the courtroom and his rumbling stomach. After a short period of enduring, the young lad decides to turn the courtroom into his toilet, thereby polluting the air and interrupting the court session.

Following the embarrassing incident, the accused was taken outside the court while his partners waited

According to the reports the arrested boys conspired together to commit the alleged offence. They all pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The magistrate however decided to grant them bail with the trial adjourned to the 6th of October

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