Cow gets drunk after stealing beer

A cow is nursing a heavy babalas right now after it got totally drunk recently.

The spectacle happened  in Bungoma County, Kenya, after one curious cow got its hands, or rather hoofs, on some opaque beer which had been specially brewed for a ceremony got blind drunk after gulping down 40 litres of Busaa, a traditional brew prepared using sugarcane, ground maize and water.

The brew was being kept for a traditional ceremony when the cow downed it.

The owner of the cow said he found the animal lying on the ground and that it was too drunk to move.

He called fellow villagers to help carry it, but they failed, NTV reports.

One villager, who could not believe that a cow could get drunk, described the incident as “abnormal”.

“How can a cow get drunk after taking such a small amount of busaa? This is witchcraft,” he was quoted as saying.

A veterinary doctor who was called in to help said the cow was now on medication and recovering well.

Although popular in western Kenya, Busaa, has been linked to oesophageal cancer.

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