So this is one of the most messed up stories I’ve heard all week.

If you have ever been on social media long enough, you will know that people always pretend to be what they are not and some even go as far as opening fake accounts. But a Father to a 16 year old girl has taken things way too far- and has ended up asking his daughter for n_aked photos…

The father of the daughter, who we cannot name for legal reasons, set up fake social media profiles pretending to be a 16 year old boy. His daughter did not initially know that it was her father that she was getting into a relationship with.

It is reported that the man pressured her into sending n_aked pics of herself. She refused at first, but soon sent some – which the father then used to blackmail her into sending more, as he threatened that he would send them to her father if she refused.

After the daughter broke up with the online boyfriend, that was her father, he began to s_exually assault her. When police investigated the case, they found that the messages sent to her had been sent from within the girl’s home.

The father now faces jail and could be sentenced for up to 250 years to life.

Source : Online


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