After having too much ‘fun’ and perhaps seeking to be adventurous a couple decided to cast away their inhibitions at the expense of the public.
The couple, who have been identified as Gugu (21) and Senzo (26) were caught pants down trying to get in on public. Perhaps this was a bid to exercise their freedom of expression.

The two drew the attention of those who were passing by the loud sounds coming from their rigorous session. Unawares a passer by was recording the whole session and taking pictures of the whole incident.
“I came across a free show. If it was you, would you just leave?” the eyewitness who preferred to remain anonymous told iMzansi gleefully.
It seemed the couple really took their time in a lengthy session before finally getting up and leaving the open field.
While the pictures have been circulating over social media, neither of the two have come out to speak out on record about the issue. It seems they prefer to keep their ‘privacy’.

Below we have ‘some’ of the pictures availed to iMzansi






Source: imzansi



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