Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo mostly known as D’banj has recently got married. But let us start from the very beginning.Who is D’banj and what is he famous for?

Nigerian entertainment blog SDK is reporting that the popular singer and co-host of MTV’s Lip Sync Battle Africa tied-the-knot over the weekend in a top secret wedding ceremony.

The site reports that the ceremony was apparently so secret that guests thought they were attending a birthday party. (Which might have made for some really awkward wedding gifts).

Reports in Nigeria claim to have been attended by only about 25 close friends and family members.

D’banj first feel in love with music after his later brother taught him how to play harmonica. He used that skill a lot during the school years to attract girls – and he was extremely successful among the girls of his age and even older.

As he grew up, his parents wanted him to enter one of the greatest universities of the United Kingdom in order to obtain the profession of an engineer. His father being a military officer did not like the idea of him becoming a singer and a songwriter. However, after D’banj moved to Great Britain, he met Don Jazzy who encouraged him to start the musician career.

dbanj wife

So two friends moved back to Nigeria and wrote their first song “Tongolo”; D’banj sponsored his first video and that is how he appeared on the stage for the first time.

As his popularity grew, he entered a new level of music industry. D’banj got very famous for his “Oliver Twist” in 2012 which was a mixture of electro and Afrobeat styles. This song got on the African and even European hit charts.

Furthermore, with the growing popularity, D’banj drew more attention of the ladies. Therefore, he had plenty of choice there. However, obviously, one lady caught his eye the most. He fell in love and proposed to her. Who is D’banj’s girlfriend, fiancé and now a wife, you wonder? Her name is Didi Kilgrow, and as of the last week, she is an official wife of D’banj.


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