Dealing With Workplace Bullies 

Dealing With Workplace Bullies 

Dealing With Workplace Bullies 

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

In most cases when it comes to bullying the issue is usually associated with children and schools as this is where it often materializes.

However, even adults get bullied and it’s very difficult for most adults who are undergoing bullying to come out and admit that they are being bullied or even face the one who is conducting the bullying.

Although adult bullying might be different from children bullying primarily because of the setting bullying is still bullying and the only way to end it is to admit and face the perpetrator which in adult bullying usually happens at the workplace.

Grant Saptoe of Paradigm Management Consulting which focuses on bullying in the workplace has urged employees on how to take note of bullying in their workplace.

Many employees often find themselves at the mercy of bullies be it subordinates or even management which usually leaves them in limbo.

“Bullying manifests in many ways it’s repetitive demeaning behavior over a period of time through yelling, shouting, isolating greetings, providing feedback in a very disrespectful manner.

In terms of recourse, it’s very important to identify the bully, document everything then try to approach the bully with a witness or visit a person of higher authority. Awareness and training should be implemented so that all staff can be aware of bullying and how to manage it,” said Saptoe.

However, many employees tend to ignore or simply comprehend the bullying which usually ends up their psychological and social wellbeing within the workplace.

Others also tend to leave that particular place of employment without really considering the economic repercussions of the decision whilst some can approach certain individuals from outside the workplace to salvage their issues with that bully which in most cases ends up in a tragedy.


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