Old age must be catching up with the Zimbabwean old statesman, Robert Mugabe after he claimed Zanu PF had won in the recently ended Municipal Elections. It would make perfect sense though but the problem is that the elections were held in South Africa and ZANU PF is a Zimbabwean national party.

The president was speaking at a rally in capital Harare and left all those in attendance speechless when he said “I am told Zanu Pf is leading in the elections with ANC close behind followed by the DA. Young boy Malema is nowhere to be seen”. The crowd failed to decipher if it would be a joke and before they would make out what was happening, Mugabe continued, “The West needs to stay away form our affairs and I am told results will be concluded in a few days but Zanu is leading with 65%”

Zanu Pf’s press secretary, George Charamba said the utterances are a distraction which are made to discredit the president. ‘He did say that but why are you guys publishing the story? Have you not made mistakes before? Did we go all over the internet publishing your mistakes”? He asked iMzansi Satire personnel.

The 92 year old Robert Mugabe has been under intense pressure form Zimbabwean citizens to step down. A campaign named #ThisFlag has gained international coverage and there have been successful stay aways in the country.

It was not clear why Mugabe uttered such words considering it looked like he was reading from a prepared speech.

Source : iMzansi Satire



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