Faith and beliefs were tested when a roadside exorcism proved that demons indeed exist and they do haunt and possess people. This comes after a real life event involving a teenage girl and a priest.

According to reports, the subject was one of 20 schoolgirls who had been suffering from fits, screaming episodes and hysteria.

The exorcism was reportedly performed by a Muslim religious leader as the parents felt Christianity had failed them. For the ceremony the girl had to wear a black veil to cover her face and body.

The chilling footage shows an apparent exorcism being performed on a girl at the side of the road amid claims she was possessed by evil spirits.

The young girl, who is ‘being cleansed’ in the ceremony, is snarling as a man performs the ritual, which is intended to drive out evil spirits.

The man is chanting over the girl as he sits cross-legged, dressed in white.

She reacts violently to his words, speaking French and other languages.

As well as rocking back and forth and fighting his hold on her arms, she is making snarling sounds beneath her veil.

It’s reportedly not clear whether the ceremony, which some have reported is Muslim, was successful.

Watch the video below



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