Denise Zimba DivorcedDenize Zimba and her German beau, Jakob Schlichtig (Image: Miss Denise Zimba/X)

Television star Denise Zimba has opened up in court about the reasons behind her separation from her German husband, Jakob Schlichtig, and her decision to keep their children in South Africa against his wishes.

Zimba, known for her roles in various TV series, disclosed that the marriage ended after she discovered Schlichtig engaging in inappropriate behaviour while communicating with another woman. She recounted catching him in the act, which led to a confrontation about his fidelity.

Disputes Over Family Support

Zimba highlighted Schlichtig’s refusal to support her request for her mother to travel to Germany to assist with their children. Instead, he opted to spend 900 euros on medical treatment for his cat. This, among other issues, contributed significantly to her depression and the eventual breakdown of their relationship.

Accusations of Infidelity

In her affidavit, Zimba detailed an instance where she found Schlichtig in a compromising situation while texting another woman. His response to her confrontation further indicated a lack of commitment to the marriage.

Zimba accused Schlichtig of emotional abuse, stating he belittled her and undermined her confidence by emphasizing her financial dependence on him. He allegedly made derogatory comments about her prospects of finding another partner.

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Zimba asserted that returning the children to Germany would expose them to potential harm, both physical and psychological. She argued that Schlichtig’s busy business schedule in both Germany and South Africa left little room for him to care for their children.

Justification for Staying in South Africa

Zimba defended her decision to keep the children in South Africa, citing her inability to cope alone in Germany and the support she received from her mother back home. She also mentioned that they owned a house in Cape Town, contrasting with their rented apartment in Germany.

Temporary Stay in Germany

Contrary to Schlichtig’s claims, Zimba stated that their move to Germany was meant to be temporary, primarily to support his sick mother. Their long-term plan was always to settle in South Africa, evidenced by their property purchase there.

Impact on Career

Zimba expressed concerns about the negative impact living in Germany would have on her career. She also mentioned the lack of support from Schlichtig’s family, who rarely visited despite living nearby.

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