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THE Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced an adjustment of the price of both 93 and 95 ULP and LRP grades.

The department said it regrets to announce that the adjustment of the petrol price announced on Monday, 29 November was incorrect.

It announced the price of petrol, for both 93 and 95, will go up by 81 cent per litre taking the price to R20,35 a litre in Gauteng as of Wednesday, 1 December.

On Wednesday, the department announced the price of petrol has risen by 75 cent a litre instead. This means that a litre of 95 ULP in Gauteng, which currently costs R20,35 will now cost R20,29.

“The 6 cent difference is due to the fact that the adjustment of wages for service station workers had already been implemented in September 2021. Although it is for the very first time that such an error has occurred in the history of basic fuel price determination in South Africa, the department profusely apologises for the inconvenience caused. The rest of the fuel prices are correct,” it said.

It said the reasons for the fuel price adjustments remain as communicated.

The price of diesel 0,05% increased by 72 cent and diesel 0,005% sulphur will increase by 75 cent per litre.

The department said other factors contributing to the increase include petroleum products prices around the world, the adjustments in the Regulatory Accounting System Industry Margins and the implementation of the Slate Levy.

At the moment, wholesale price of illuminating paraffin has increased by 42 cent per litre, while the maximum retail price for illuminating paraffin has increased by 56 cent per litre. The retail price for gas also increased by R1,83 per kilogram.

-Daily Sun

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