Did You Know: The River Vero Is Also The Show’s Director

Did You Know: The River Vero Is Also The Show’s Director

Did You Know: The River Vero Is Also The Show’s Director

We’ve come to know Ferry Jele as Veronica aka  Vero on Mzansi Magic’s hit TV series The River. She too has become part of our daily lives.

Ferry Jele has been in the acting business for some time now, she has easily assumed the role of mentor, with her work in front of the camera, just as good as her work behind it.

MaVero is Zolani’s deadbeat mom, who chooses the most convenient of times for her to act like a mother after several spells of going AWOL on people, she’s also a con artist and quite shrewd in her own way.

Ferry Jele quickly won the hearts of the fans with the carefree way she portrays MaVero, such that she’s always a welcome fixture on the show. Every time she pops up on the screen. It’s never a dull moment with MaVero.

What some fans might not know is that Ferry Jele also makes up part of The River’s behind the scenes crew as a director.

She has been occasionally credited as a director on some of the episodes of the show, sis is doing the most. Delivering on and behind the screen is an art most actors haven’t mastered yet.

The role of a director is a huge one and includes motivating actors to produce their best dramatic performances, reading scripts and working on their continued development, interpreting scripts, and understanding the story and narrative style as well as delivering the final product on screen.

Ferry Jele is constantly receiving praise from her peers in the industry for her stellar work on The River and the actress says it’s humbling to be recognized for her work on a larger scale.

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