DJ Fresh Denies Rape Allegations

DJ Fresh denies rape allegations

DJ Fresh denies rape allegations
Johannesburg, South Africa

DJ Fresh, has denied allegations of rape levelled against him on social media by a woman named Sipelele Madikizela with the Tweeter handle @Nampree.

DJ Fresh denies rape allegations
According to Sipelele, DJ Fresh and Euphonik drugged and raped her along with three other women.

DJ Fresh denies rape allegations

In a series of Tweets that went viral, Sipelele said she wanted DJ Fresh and Euphonik to acknowledge the alleged rape.
Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, she wrote,

“@DJFreshSA & @euphonik will you ever acknowledge drunking (drugging) me & further raping me? I was completed (completely) drugged I don’t whether (sic) you BOTH raped me or 1 of you did & you later laughed about it the next morning saying we (me & 3 girls) were so drunk we kept blacking out but nasidlwengula (you raped us).

DJ Fresh denies rape allegations

However, DJ Fresh has come out against the allegations maintaining his innocence,

“I am aware that assertions have been made about me on social media and I understand that this is often the price of being in the public eye. The fact that these claims are untrue and from an unknown source does not make them less hurtful.
Moreover, I am deeply concerned that spurious allegations about GBV especially as it is one of the most significant societal challenges in South Africa, undermine the gravity of legitimate incidents, and impact the urgency with which they are attended.
Each time someone succumbs to the temptation of using GBV to further personal agendas, the cause to eradicate this scourge takes a step backwards.
Please, should you have a substantiated concern or be the victim of a genuine case of GBV, I urge you to immediately go to your local police station and lay a charge. Pursuing the matter through a legal and criminal process is the best way to ensure that you get the protection you need.”

Source – Mzansi Life

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