DJ Lamiez Holworthy Unveils Mobile Studio, Shocks Mzansi

Renowned media personality and DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s real name Ntokozo Dlamini unveils her state-of-the-art mobile radio studio that left her fans in shock. DJ Lamiez is one of the best female DJs in South Africa in a male-dominated industry.

With the love of her fans Lamiez, who works for Metro FM, decided to have a mobile studio whereby she operates at any time and everywhere without any hindrance.

Lamiez took it to social media showing off her new radio studio and thanking the introduction of technology that have made her job easier.

“Thanks to technology, I get to do my radio show from anywhere in the world,” wrote Lamiez on her social media.

The coming of Covid-19  variant has seen the introduction of new technologies in the various industries as people adopt working from home concepts to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Taking from social media her fans applauded her for adapting to new technologies.

“Good work I am listening to you Dj,” writes a fan on social media.

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