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DJ Sbu Issues Covid-19 Lockdowns Warning, Urges Responsible Spending

Popular record producer DJ Sbu has stirred concern among South Africans by suggesting that lockdowns might make a comeback. The former radio host, who now hosts a podcast, took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express his thoughts.

COVID-19 Lockdowns Returning DJ Sbu Warns

DJ Sbu warned that it’s only a matter of time before South Africa considers reinstating lockdown measures. In March 2020, many countries, including South Africa, imposed quarantine and city lockdowns to combat the spread of Covid-19. While these lockdowns have been lifted in most places, DJ Sbu pointed out that lockdowns have resurfaced in other countries, and it’s possible that South Africa could follow suit.

He made it clear that his warning should not be taken as an official announcement. DJ Sbu encouraged his followers to be cautious with their spending and to prepare for potential challenges in case lockdowns return.

“Lockdowns 2nd round soon. It’s happening overseas. Clearly sekunjalo. Get ready Hustlers. Don’t spend your money. Prepare your business for challenging times ahead. I might be wrong. This is not an official message, I’m suspecting & taking precautions. Just be responsible with your money guys,” DJ Sbu posted on his X account.

Mixed Reactions to DJ Sbu’s Warning

In response to his message, some South Africans criticized DJ Sbu for causing unnecessary panic. Some suggested resisting potential lockdowns this time, while others recalled the negative impacts of previous lockdowns. Here are a few comments:

This is causing unnecessary panic and it’s not alright my leader, such messages should stay there by WhatsApp with your people. Let the government be the one to make such announcements.


They will try but I don’t think people will just accept it. A lot of people are already saying the last lockdown did more damage than good.


I’m with you bro. The writing is on the wall. Instead of us bracing for it, we should simply not consent to the lockdown. Common law must be practiced here. If we all do not consent then there’s vokol they can do.


Bro on Saturday I was driving a Director of one of the well known Hospital in Durban , he said to me, we should get ready for Covid20 the Second Pandemic and he told me I must make sure that I don’t take a Vaccine!


This time, we will not comply! Enough is enough.

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