Durban Music Star L'vovo Derrango Accused of Harassing Fellow ArtistsDurban Music Star L'vovo Derrango Accused of Harassing Fellow Artists (Image Credit: TimesLive)

Durban Music Scene Concerned Over L’vovo Derrango Alleged Harassment of Fellow Artists

Tensions are rising within Durban’s music industry as reports emerge of award-winning artist L’vovo Derrango allegedly harassing and confronting fellow musicians at local events.

Artists and promoters in the KwaZulu-Natal province have voiced growing concerns over L’vovo’s apparent frustration and aggressive behaviour, which appears to be causing disruptions and raising worries about the state of the city’s vibrant music community.

According to Zimoja, L’vovo has allegedly been asserting that he alone is responsible for putting Durban on the international map and demanding respect from his peers.

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Frustration Over Lack of Recovery Driving Issues?

It has been suggested that L’vovo’s conduct may be driven by his ongoing frustration over not having fully recovered, which has led to tensions within the local music scene.

There is a better way of addressing his concerns or issues than lashing out at people,” one source said.

Calls for Open Dialogue and Emotional Healing

A prominent KZN music promoter expressed the industry’s desire to maintain a positive and supportive environment, with the hope that these issues can be resolved through open dialogue and mutual understanding.

We understand it’s frustrating that he has not fully recovered but how are we going to help him if he is angry?” the promoter asked, adding that L’vovo should also focus on emotional healing.

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L’vovo Dismisses Concerns, Claims Ownership Over Durban’s Music History

When contacted for comment, L’vovo dismissed the other industry concerns, maintaining that he and fellow artist Zakes Bantwini were solely responsible for changing the face of Durban’s kwaito music.

No one can just come here and try and change the history- Zakes and I changed the game of Durban kwaito music. Period,” he said.

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