According to Fire News,it is alleged that an Eastern Cape teenaged girl has committed suicide after watching Friday episode of the popular SABC 1 soapie Skeem Saam. According to a neighbour who didn’t want to be named, the girl’s mom found her lying on her bed motionless when she came back from work. She noticed something was wrong when she shouted the girl’s name several times without an answer.

She found a suicide letter next to the motion body. The girl committed suicide because her crush and favourite actor Jama, died in the soapie. She wrote how her life would be incomplete without seeing her favourite actor on TV. The handsome actor, whose real name is Oros Mampofu, died after overdosing on alcohol and drugs on Skeem Saam’s Friday episode. He was attending a party of a famous soccer star with his friends Kwaito, Thibos and Emkay. He died on the day he was supposed to celebrate his 20th birthday and engagement to his on screen girlfriend Ayanda.

According to a psychology professor from a Canadian university, most teenagers develop attraction on TV and fictional characters. She has dealt with cases of teenagers who fell deep into depression after their favourite characters on tv died or went through rough patches. She advises parents to read their children’s reactions when they watch TV.

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