Muso, Emtee is in the advanced stages of taking his beef with SABC 2 soapie Muvhango to the CCMA,(An independent statutory body, providing information on good labour practice.)

The rapper, a father of one, said he had been fighting the soapie with everything he got for a while now. He was fired sometime in June this year, after an outcry from fans for his ‘horrible’ acting skills. In addition it was reported that management were not too happy with him amidst allegations that the rapper would come to work high as a kite and would eat a ‘lot of food’ while on set.

A seemingly distraught Emtee claims that the top brass of the show fired him under unfair circumstances and to add salt tot he wound, they did not pay him his dues, yet his cameo entrance made the viewership jump!

Emtee said his son loved to see him on TV. “My son loves Muvhango bigtime and now he is always asking me why I don’t show up on the screen anymore”, said Emtee who claimed that Muvhango is owing him over a hundred thousand rands.

Reached for a comment Muvhango executives rubbished Emtee’s claims that he was not paid, but they did admit that they had fired him for coming to work stoned and demanding too much food while on set. One hotshot on the show who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “Off the record, that guy is a piece of work, how can he say we didn’t pay him, he was probably high when we paid him and now doesn’t remember.”

One actor on the show -again demanding anonymity- described Emtee as both crazed and bizarre, yet charming at the same time. ” A few times, he was interesting to work with, but the majority of the time, he was difficult to get along with on an every day basis. He often made simple things overly complex, picking fights with everyone. He wanted to be treated like a god at time ”.

The CCMA said they exist to protect the interest of all of South Africa’s working class and hence they were eagerly awaiting for Emtee to make the move and then they will take it from there.



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