It seems celebrities have taken the “sharing their lives” aspect of fame to another level. No longer content with just social media or “misquoted” tabloid stories, these days they would rather tell their stories in one-on-one interviews

The latest celeb to join the bunch with rather “controversial” statements on the The Cover is Bonang Matheba’s ex, Mpumalanga-born DJ Euphonik.

The DJ stirred up reactions on Twitter that lead to #TheCover occupying space on the national trend list on Monday. He was a guest on the show presented by Siyabonga Ngwekazi, aka Scoop, Makhathini.

Euphonik spoke about his life and dreams and, of course, ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba (again) and her current beau AKA.

The iconic DJ alleged that his ex is crazy once again alluding that she is emotionally unstable. And he put in snarkily that a house in Sandhurst and a BMW like AKA’s would gurantee her running back to him.

The interview turned more into him answering questions about his ex, their past relationships and his ex’s new relationship.

Seems with every interview he gets the DJ doesn’t bite his tongue when it comes to his glamorous ex.

Source: IOL


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