Every man is different with different preferences. There is no single “right” way to attract a man. With so many different types of guys and preferences, it would be impossible to list all the physical attributes or flirty actions that will draw interest.

But, even with all those preferences, there is one thing that is essential to seducing your man – no matter who it is.

Control your vibe

Putting off the right vibe is the great secret. But it’s way easier said than done, and women get it wrong over and over.

As a woman (or just as a human being in general), you constantly send messages. You’re likely well aware of your verbal messages and mostly aware of what your body language is saying, but you probably don’t even realize what vibe you’re sending.

Create a positive vibe

“If you want to be incredibly attractive to men and women alike, then eliminate negativity in your life

Get out of your head

You don’t have to be outgoing. You don’t have to be the most popular or the most beautiful. But stop worrying about what everyone thinks about you and help them feel like they are loved. A man notices such things.

Stop complaining, gossiping and belittling

Putting people down doesn’t make you look better. Complaining isn’t fun to listen to. And gossiping hurts everyone involved.

Be YOUR most attractive self

There is no point obsessing about having a tall, thin body if you’re naturally curvy or about having a curvy body if you’re naturally hipless. Yes, physical attraction is a big deal for men (obviously). But obsessing about your weight to the point of missing out on life or having a horrible personality will kill any guy’s interest in you

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