Usually rumours surround the wealth of many people, especially the young who rise prominently so fast without any explanation – but it’s hard to find any direct evidence of blood sacrifice unless you’re in those circles.

Now screenshots posted online of a conversation between one Abusua Jack Buck – a rich dude well known for parading around the city in his customised vehicles – and a second party he was trying to initiate into his ‘club’, seem to provide a behind the scenes look at how ritualism works.

Per the conversations posted online, entrance to the ‘club’ requires the sacrifice of a body part of an unwitting female, which the new inductee has to provide to be fully initiated.

For the new person, all you have to do is provide the victim. Abusua promised that his ‘boys’ would arrive to carry out all rituals themselves, the inductee just has to provide the person, that’s all.

Read the posted messages below.., the lengths people will go just to be rich






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