Money Resides Here! Faith Nketsi’s Opulent Baby Nursery Mesmerizes South Africa

[Images: Instagram/Faith Nketsi]

Faith Nketsi’s Opulent Baby Nursery Mesmerizes South Africa


Faith Nketsi posted pictures of her daughter’s finished nursery on social media. Fans were able to tell from the brief glimpse of the baby’s room that it was very fancy and tastefully decorated, which didn’t come as a surprise to many since Faith is known for having extravagant, pricey taste and will undoubtedly provide the best for her child.

Sky, her daughter, turned three months old a week ago, and she celebrated. On her reality show, “Have Faith,” she initially struggled with decorating her baby’s room because she wasn’t sure what to put in, what not to put it, or how she wanted to decorate it.

However, she recently used Twitter to demonstrate how far she has come. Sky’s room is unquestionably fancy because her mother chose colours that complement brown and grey while also being very lavish in their use. She only provided a brief glimpse of a baby’s room, highlighting the baby cot’s in the centre of the room, which was white with a headlight and velvet panelling, as well as the baby’s sofa next to her bed.


Faith Nketsi's nursery
Faith Nketsi’s nursery – Image Credit: Twitter/Faith Nketsi


She wrote Sky Njilo, her baby’s full name, on the wall in a shimmery gold colour that complemented the entire space. The room is simple but incredibly fancy. When you enter the room, this is the first thing you notice. She is yet to share the rest of her room with fans, but she has impressed everyone as usual.

Sky Njilo
Sky Njilo – Image Credit: Instagram/Faith Nketsi


However, many people were not surprised that she could attain her daughter such a beautiful nursery. She hit the jackpot, given that her husband, Mr Njilo, is a multi-millionaire, and he provides her with anything she wants. Faith Nketsi proved to many by using this nursery that the rumour that she and her husband have gone broke is invalid, and they continue to live a lifestyle of extravagance and class.

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