The Take it or leave it gang is breathing through the wound after yesterday's address by the president, some had already stocked the alcohol aiming at selling them with a double price: Photos By Buziwe Nocuze. (Source: Daily Sun)

LUTHANDO Magaxana (50) is stressed out after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation on Sunday.

A friend told him alcohol would be banned again, he spent R3 000 on booze!

“I was not buying the booze to drink it. I was going to sell it. I knew if the president banned the sale of alcohol I was going to double the money,” said Luthando from Lower Crossroads in Philippi East, Cape Town.

“Now I have all this booze but I don’t have money for food. What am I going to do with all this booze?”

And he didn’t buy booze like Gordon’s Gin but also Red Label whisky.

“I was hoping to make money. People pay R500 for Gordon’s Gin that costs less than R200,” he said.

Themba Phosa (42) said he didn’t feel sorry for people like Luthnado who was hoping to make money by doubling the price.

“The Take It or Leave It gangsters make a fortune because they abuse the drinkers with massive prices,” he said.

“They must just drink the alcohol themselves.”

He said these people sell a Smirnoff at R300 or more.

“They knew if the president banned the alcohol they were going to make a lot of money from those who support them every day. They forget we have their backs and their businesses are where they are because of us,” he said.

Other residents were happy that the president didn’t ban the booze and that they will be free to go home.

On Sunday president Cyril Ramaphosa urged South African’s to vaccinate and not to panic over the new Omicron virus.

He said the country will remain on alert Level 1 with all health protocols remaining intact and that they will continue to monitor the number of infections that have been rising over the last few days.

_Daily Sun

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