A man and his amorous father are in panic after they discovered that they have been unknowingly sharing a girlfriend.

Things are so thick that the two are now considering owning up to elders and consulting herbalists to cleanse them, lest wrath of ancestors in form of death is visited upon them for defying taboo.

Reportedly, it’s a deadly taboo in the duo’s culture for a father and son to sleep with same woman.

Things unravelled last week with the elderly man, surnamed Ncgobo, fainting after he stumbled upon his son, only identified as Mlungisi, with the hot babe in toe as they strolled out of a lodging in cover of darkness in Durban beach front.

In his confession, the young man, who happen to be an accountant in the coastal city, met the woman on social media about three months ago.

But without doing proper background checks, the two began flirting with each other for a while before they fell in love madly.

“I just liked her pictures on Facebook and send her a friend request. Within a few weeks, we began dating. One thing led to another and before long, we were sleeping together,” Mlungisi confesses.

Mlungisi vividly recalls his shopkeeper friend who knows his father warning him against the woman, without telling him the backstory.

“My friend who is a shopkeeper once inquired about my relationship with the lady. When I confirmed to him that the woman was my new girlfriend, he chuckled and told me to end the relationship without explaining the reason behind his warning,” recalls Mlungisi.

Suspecting the shopkeeper of jealous, Mlu say he ignored his council and carried on with the relationship.

“Knowing Patrick (the shopkeeper), I suspected he was just envious of my pretty girlfriend. In fact, in my mind, I thought he wanted her and was just playing spoiler so that I drop her so he could start wooing her,” says Mlungisi.

Little did Mlungisi know that his new girlfriend was his father’s secret lover. On the day of reckoning, Zulu, who happens to be an engineer, was in the company of another woman when he bumped into his son and girlfriend as they walked out of the lodging.

Shocked and unable to stomach the fact that his son had not only been sleeping with his secret lover, but also busted him taking another woman into a lodging yet he is married, Zulu collapsed into a heap.

It took the timely intervention of watchmen who gave him first aid.

After the shocking revelation, the panic-stricken young man and his father are looking to undergo a a cleansing ritual to avert the curse of death.

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