A 34-year old man named Solomon recently beat up his 11-year old son to death while trying to correct him for having s_ex with his 8-year old sister. The unfortunate incident happened in the Western Cape township, Khayelitsha

Confirming the sad incident, the Commissioner of Police, Wilson Bree, described it as pathetic and a very troubling demonstration of the decay that has crept into the South African society.Mr Solomon said he came and saw his son engaged in s_ex­ual act with his younger sister.

“Victor was my son, an 11-year-old boy. I had been receiving bad reports about him. The height of it was that he started sleeping with his sister, who is eight-years-old. I had been receiving several reports about the ugly incident. Around 4.00pm, I came back from work and met Victor sleeping with his sister in my bedroom. The stepmother was not at home,” he said.

According to eye witnesses, Mr Solomon rushed out, picked up a stick and beat him severely such that the little boy went into convulsion and then lost consciousness the next day. Neighbours of the family rushed him to Khayelitsha General Hospital, where he died.

Solomon who earlier in the day had gone out was summoned to the hospital by phone after his son’s death and was detained on pretext by the doctor who immediately called the Khayelitsha police station.

“I wept when the doctor told me that my son had died. I didn’t have the intention to kill my son. I was trying to correct him because of the immoral act he committed. How can I beat my son to death? I couldn’t believe what I saw. I only acted in anger; I never wanted to kill my son,” he said.

A neighbour identified as Ali Ahmed said: “We heard when the father was beating the child. He beat him to correct him for what he did. The son was very stubborn. The father never had intention to kill his son. What the doctor did that night in the hos­pital was bad. How could he call the police to arrest the fa­ther of the dead boy? We were expecting the doctor to tell the father how to carry the corpse of his son. It is a lesson to every parent”.

Source : iMzansi


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