A distraught father hacked his kids with an axe after he found a s_ex tape in his son’s phone featuring his son (23) and younger sister (17).

The three minute tape has been circulating on social media and it is reported the incident happened in Soshanguve, Pretoria, South Africa. It was reported the father borrowed his son’s phone to make a call and ended up scrolling the gallery and that is where he saw the explicit video. In anger, the husband grabbed an axe and hacked the boy who was with him waiting for the phone. At this moment, the girl was at school and the father waited for her to return. Upon her return, the angry father struck her with the same axe on the forehead. She instantly died. The boy is said to be 23 while the girl 17 years old.

When he had realised the gravity of what he had done, the father is said to have handed himself over to the police and confessed his crimes.

Neighbors say the father is a decent man who was trying all his best to provide for his family after their mother died in 2013. “It is unbelievable. He worked as a security guard and did his best to make sure his kids lacked nothing. ”

The man was held at the Mabopane Police Station and will appear before a magistrate at a date to be confirmed.

Source : iMzansi


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