A 37-year-old man who offers to be a sp_erm donor for free on Facebook could have fathered up to 100 children in four years.

Matt Vorster from Gauteng, has revealed he is contacted “by ten people a day” through the social media site who are seeking his siring service.


His first experience in the world of sp_erm donation came over ten years ago, when he temporarily worked for a sperm bank.

Four years ago, he started his own Facebook page – Matt Vorster (Shipping Donor) – where he offers his sp_erm to couples and single women in South Africa on condition that they pass his vetting process.

In his questionnaire, he asks about their background, income and even checks out how their relationships appear online, all to ensure the children will be born into happy families.

He claims to help up to eight people a week and as many as 20 women could currently be carrying the children.

To date, he has at least 70 known children but believes there could be well over 100 as many recipients don’t report successful pregnancies to him.

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