“MY EVIL father sold me to the devil!”

This is what a 25-year-old woman who was forced to flee from KZN to Joburg claimed. She fled after her father tried to make her marry a relative. The woman said: “My father brought a stranger home and claimed he was his relative.

She said: “He said the man was going to live with us for a while and that he was rich. “The man seemed quiet and dignified, until he crept into the bedroom I share with my sister one night.”

The woman said the man began ra_ping her sister and when she screamed for help no one responded, even though their father was sleeping in the bedroom next to theirs. “Eventually my brother who sleeps in an outside room came and rescued my sister.”

Her father said they would die if they reported the matter to the police. The man then disappeared, but later came back with six cows. She said: “My father told me and my sister that the man was going to choose one of us to be his wife. I refused and my father beat me.”

The man later fetched her with four other men and took her to his house. “When we got there he repeatedly ra_ped me and locked me up. One day I stabbed him with a broken bottle and ran away,” said the woman.

When Daily Sun contacted her father he said: “Voetsek!” and hung up. Sergeant Tshepiso Mashale said the woman should go to the police station and lay official charges.

She said officers will visit her and offer her counselling. “We can’t comment since no case has been opened,” she said.

Source : DailySun


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