Five Facts you Did Not Know about Emmanuella of ‘This Is Not My Real Face’ video


Emmanuella, is the fast rising young comedian from Nigeria who won a lot of people’s hearts when she starred in a short comic clip. She snapped many people’s ribs in the scene where she said ‘This is not my real face’.

The prodigious Emmanuella is receiving lots of love from all over the world on social media.

Here are Five Facts You Didn’t know about her

1. Here real name is Emanuella Samuel.

2. She Is Five (5) Years Old.

3. Emanuella Is Mark Angel’s Cousin in real life.

4. Emanuella Is In Primary one (Basic One).

5. She Just Won G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015.

emmanuela mark

emmanuela in a plane

emmanuela 2


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