No one likes a breakup, not the breakupper or the breakupee, but sometimes it needs to be done. If you have to do the dirty work, make sure you do it with sensitivity and empathy. Of course there are many more horrific ways to break up with someone, but seeing as most people aren’t sociopaths, these are the most common mistakes.

1)    SMS, BBM, Whatsapp, post-it notes etc

People actually do this. Okay, I think the post-it note is from an episode of SATC but I’ve personally heard of relationships that have been ended with an SMS. Not cool.

2)    Leaving a voice message

Look, sometimes it’s okay to break up with someone telephonically. For example if you’re in a different city or country. But, other than those extreme cases,  you do not break up over voicemail.

Imagine checking your messages hearing that? No man!

3)    In front of other people

Heartbreak is a private thing and very few people are comfortable with public displays of emotion – even when it’s the good kind.

So breaking up with someone in a restaurant or at a party where they are forced to deal with the blow in front of other people is extremely insensitive and rude.

4)    Telling other people before you tell the soon-to-be ex

There is nothing worse than being the last to know and the world is terribly small these days. So remember, before you tell your friends, your sisters or even your mom, tell him first.

5)    Acting out so they break up with you / making him break up with you

Some people aren’t brave enough to break up with their partners. So instead, they make it so impossible to be with them that they turn the other party into the bad guy and force them to do the breaking up.

Can you say coward?

Source : iMzansi


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