Sometimes your prince can be such a total douche-bag, you end up breaking up with him. A popular saying: You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.

This holds true for many South African girls. We have to go through several dololo baes before we find our ultimate angel. It is utterly exhausting. These are the things every South African girl does after a breakup (a breakup ritual really):

1.  Deleting galore

The first thing to succumb to the deleting galore is the phone number. Then we remove all the pictures and then delete them off social media. I call this move “deleting them from your universe”.

2.  Waterworks

We may not cry in front of people because

But trust me, the waterworks come through at some point. Maybe in the shower or when we’ve had too much to drink with our girlfriends.

3.  Stalking

Just because we deleted them off our social media accounts doesn’t mean we don’t keep tabs on our exes. They may even be chatting with us via our totally new accounts.

4.  Drunk texting

In the pre-waterwork stage, we may accidentally text, email or call the ex. This happens if they did the breaking up. But we’re usually back to our “big girl” status and mentality when we sober up.

5.  Upgrading a bro from the friend zone

They say the easiest way to get over an old guy is to move on to a new one. And believe me, many Mzansi girls have friend zoned dozens of guys. We just promote one guy from the zone to relationship.

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