Exclusive details have emerged of how young men, mostly students from Zimbabwe studying in South Africa have turned to g_ay p_orn to make ends meet.

The festering underground g_ay p_orn movie industry in South Africa in which mostly male University students and jobless young men are preyed on by foreign producers and their South African collaborators.

Some students of the Durban University of Technology and Fort Hare who are under the presidential bursary from Zimbabwe have been identified in 10 of such g_ay movies.

The South African  producer– a resident at the in the eThekwini CBD– and his white foreign collaborator, lure desperate University students into the g_ay p_orn movie industry with wads of cash.

The movie producers and directors also use illiterate young men as part of the cast.

It was also discovered during the investigations that each member of the cast was promised R 4 500 for the shoot.

Most of the foreign students are in serious financial debt. Some were beneficiaries of the presidential bursary in Zimbabwe and due to the government’s late payment of their fees and accomodations, they are left with little choice to fend for themselves.

One of the students from Zimbabwe said he was recruited by his friend. “I come from a poor family and when I got a bursary I thought it was the end of my struggles, but what happens is we come here for registration and when semester starts, we still wait for the government to send us our allowance. Sometimes we go for three months to get the allowance. My parents are poor and can not afford to send me money. I am forced into the situation. At least it brings money. I am not g-ay at all though”

Source : iMzansi



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