Former Generations: The Legacy Actor’s Bread Theft Charges Withdrawn

Thimble Botman

Former Generations: The Legacy Actor’s Bread Theft Charges Withdrawn

After a year long battle in courts, Ex- Generations The Legacy actor and Abo Mzala veteran actor Thembile Botman – who was last year charged with bread theft criminal indictment has finally got his charges withdrawn.

In September last year, Botman was charged with robbery, malicious damage to property, and public violence after he took part in a community protest that spiraled into violence at the  Orkney-Potchefstroom Road near Khuma.
Allegations are that that Botman was bust by police during a protest after community members – including him stopped a bread delivery truck.
The driver was intimidated and his keys taken from him. The truck was then opened and all bread in it was stolen.
North West police spokeswoman, Colonel Adele Myburgh said in a statement after the incident:

“Some members of the community had allegedly embarked on a violent protest on 16 September on what appeared to be related to service delivery,”

During the protest, members of the community burnt down ANC councilors’ houses.

While other members of the community were charged together with Mr. Botman and are out on R1 000 bail, his robbery charges were withdrawn earlier this year.

Last Friday, charges of malicious damage to property and public violence were withdrawn leaving him a free man.

It is no secret how much strain the whole debacle had on his personal life, especially on his job.

His lawyer Gcina Dlanjwa said in a statement:(Mr. Thembile Botman) ” fell out of favor with fans who considered him a role model when he featured on various TV series including Generations The Legacy and Abo Mzala.”

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