Former rapper warns on the dangers of p_orn and ma_sturbation

Former South African rapper-turned Christian Pastor Selwyn Ngwenya (known as Mr Selwyn) has spoken out against p_ornography.

In a long Facebook post, the 43 year-old says that po_rnography, which he labels as “a very dangerous demon” gets people addicted to m_asturbation and that it also takes the “Glory of God out of you”.

Ngwenya has also called for the fall of the pornographic industry.

Read full letter:

Watching P_orn gets you addicted to m_asturbation.

M_asturbation has you believe when you ej_aculate your body is released off tension.

Whilst your Spirit is groaning and moaning for the violation of the demon of lust you have allowed in

You have the power to violate and cratch your spirit with the claws of lust through p_orn.

P_orn is a very dangerous demon.

You may take it light and make jokes about it and think nothing of it

But wait till you see the horror of what it does to the delicacy of your Spirit being.

P_orn takes the Glory of God out of you. It strips you off your authority.

It strips your mind off intelligence.

Your language when you are amongst smart and sound people will be exposed through the lack of wisdom in your speech

P_orn eats your brain cells from making sound and intelligent decisions in everything you do.

You will be forcing people to take you serious whilst to them you look like a joke.

‪#‎p_ornography‬ must fall

‪#‎seed‬ company

‪#‎buried‬ in Godly truth

‪#‎leaders‬ arise

‪#‎real‬ talk 

Ngwenya is an award winning rapper who shook the music industry in 2004 when he released his hit song ‘Shake’ from the album Formula. His other popular songs included Senthaolele, I Finally See and Tonite.

He has released three albums to date which includes Formula, Zone5 and Foundation.

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