Four children rat poisonFour children die after eating food with rat poison-Image Source@alamy

Four children who were left unsupervised by their parents die after consuming food laced with rat poison at their home.

A heart-wrenching incident has shaken the community of Kanana Extension in Rabie Ridge, Midrand. Four innocent souls, aged between three and six, tragically lost their lives after reportedly ingesting food contaminated with a lethal dose of rat poison. What was intended to ensnare rodents turned into a horrifying catastrophe, claiming the lives of these young children.

Children Left Unsupervised eat food with rat poison

The sequence of events leading to this devastating outcome unfolded tragically. Reports indicate that the children were left unattended and immersed in their innocent playtime activities. It was during this unguarded moment that they stumbled upon the toxic substance disguised as food. Sources reveal that the eldest among them disclosed that their mother had entrusted them to the care of a neighbour while she attended to errands outside.

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According to a concerned neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, the unsuspecting children innocently consumed the poisoned food. Shortly thereafter, they began experiencing excruciating stomach pains, prompting immediate action from the community members who rushed them to the Rabie Ridge Clinic.

Tragic Loss and Police Investigation

Despite the swift response, the grim reality of the situation unfolded rapidly. Three of the children succumbed to the poison upon arrival at the clinic, while the fourth, in a desperate attempt to save her life, was transferred to Tembisa Hospital, where she tragically breathed her last breath.

In the wake of this tragedy, questions loom large, demanding answers and accountability. A dismayed neighbour voiced the sentiments of many, condemning what they perceived as sheer negligence on the part of the parents. “This is a glaring case of negligence. How could the parents leave hazardous traps unattended, endangering the lives of their own children? Had they been vigilant, these innocent lives could have been spared,” expressed the neighbour.

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Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo, confirmed the distressing incident, revealing that the authorities have initiated a thorough investigation. “The police have launched an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of four children. Initial reports suggest that they fell ill while playing in the vicinity of their home. However, no suspects have been identified at this juncture,” stated Captain Masondo.

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