Deadly Fumes: Four SANDF Soldiers Die from Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Illegal Mining Site Deadly Fumes: Four SANDF Soldiers Die from Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Illegal Mining Site (Image Credit: News24)

Tragedy Strikes as Four SANDF Soldiers Die Due to Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In a tragic turn of events, four members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have lost their lives due to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning while on duty.

The incident occurred during Operation Vala Umgodi, an operation aimed at curbing illegal mining activities in the North West province.

According to SANDF spokesperson Siphiwe Dlamini, who spoke to Zimoja, the bodies of the deceased soldiers were discovered on Saturday morning when the next shift was taking over.

The bodies had no injuries, and the soldiers’ rifles and their personal items were still with them,” Dlamini said in a statement.

Deadly Incident at Illegal Mining Operation Site, Investigation Underway

The police in North West have swiftly opened an inquest into the matter.

Dlamini explained that the district surgeon was called to the scene and confirmed there were no visible injuries on the bodies.

A team from the Pretoria Forensic Science Laboratory chemistry unit also attended the scene, and preliminary findings are that the deaths could have been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from a possible fire made by the members during the cold night inside the container structure,” he added.

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Tragic Circumstances

The four soldiers were deployed on a 24-hour shift at Shaft 3, a dormant mining shaft located in a hotspot for illegal mining activities. Dlamini stated,

The deceased soldiers were on duty as part of Operation Vala Umgodi, an operation to curb illegal mining activities.”

Calls for Improved Safety Measures

This tragic incident has raised concerns about the safety of SANDF personnel deployed in such operations. Military analyst Sipho Mabena emphasized the need for better safety protocols and equipment to protect soldiers in potentially hazardous environments.

The deaths of these four soldiers are a tragic loss, and it’s crucial that the SANDF and the government take immediate action to ensure the safety of our men and women in uniform.

Adequate training, proper protective gear, and proper ventilation in temporary structures are essential to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future,”Mabena said.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into the cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning is still ongoing, with the authorities vowing to leave no stone unturned. The names of the deceased soldiers will be announced once the families have been informed and all necessary formalities have been completed.

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