From Sangoma to Prophet: Tall A$$ Mo Surprising Transition Shakes Mzansi From Sangoma to Prophet: Tall A$$ Mo Surprising Transition Shakes Mzansi (Image Credit: The South African)

Controversial comedian and rapper Mongezi ‘Tall A$$ Mo’ Mahlangu has left social media abuzz with his recent transition from a sangoma to a prophet.

This surprising change in his career path came to light when a video of Tall A$S Mo preaching at an undisclosed church went viral on social media.

Tall A$$ Mo Becomes a Prophet

In a shocking turn of events, Mongezi Mahlangu, known for his controversial antics as comedian, made a swift shift from being a sangoma to embracing the role of a man of God as a prophet. The shift in Tall A$$ Mo’s career was first brought to light through a video shared on social media.

Tall A$$ Mo Becomes a Prophet
Tall A$$ Mo Becomes a Prophet (Image Credit: Ubetoo)

In the short video clip,  Tall A$$ Mo can be seen passionately preaching alongside a fellow pastor while donning his church prophet attire during a church service.

His sudden transition to a prophet has raised a lot of eyebrows and has left social media users bewildered.

Watch the video below;

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Mzansi Reacts to Mongezi’s Transition From Sangoma to Prophet

Following the circulation of the video on social media, Tall A$$ Mo fans and the online community chimed in, sharing their thoughts and opinions about his unexpected transition to a prophet.

Here are some of the reactions;


That was a quick move


It’s a thin line between mental illness and religion


Gogo Skhotheni was right, these celebrities are depressed and have no calling.


I cannot take him serious, to me he’s always gonna be a comedian
A very confused soul, it seems
Is it insanity or guilt? Cause this man has snapped for the worst. I mean the case is over n was vindicated but why is his spirit still troubled when he was fine prior
They thought they will milk it there by being a sangoma ,now they are running to christianity

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