Generations: The Legacy Rapulana Seiphemo’s Cheating History Exposed

Generations: The Legacy Rapulana Seiphemo Cheating History Exposed

Generations: The Legacy Rapulana Seiphemo’s Cheating History Exposed

Once Again, actress Zoe Mthiyane, grabbed the headlines this weekend after she could not handle her break up with co-star Rapulana Seiphemo leading to her being fired from Generations.

Zoe’s break-up with Rapulana is said to have caused her to suffer from some form of depression and started affecting her professional conduct at work.

According to several news outlets, Zoe Mthiyane was fired because she failed to put a lid on the troubles of her personal life. New information relating to the whole saga re-surfaced this weekend.

According to the Sunday Sun, Zoe Mthiyane was reportedly fired by the Generations producers, days after she collapsed onset due to fatigue and depression. Rapulana Seiphemo’s new girlfriend and her friends on set reportedly bullied Zoe.

The City Press reports that Zoe broke up with Rapulana after she learned that he was cheating on her, with one of the girls who work on the Generations set.

This girl is said to have made Zoe’s life on set horrible, by bullying her and bringing her friends to torment her. This is not the first time Rapulana has been accused of cheating on a woman in his life.

Rapulana who plays the character Tau on Generations once admitted to Drum Magazine in an interview that he once cheated on his wife at the time, Olga Rubeiro.

He was also reported to have been in another cheating scandal with a girl identified as Zoe van der Jeke from Ceres in the Western Cape, however, she denied the rumors and said he was just a friend.


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