Night driving has turned into a bit of a nightmare for those using the N1 road from Gauteng to Limpopo.
The steep bend along Makhado road is known to be the scene of many horrific accidents with some victims never being found as the area is too dense and dangerous to send rescue teams.

Several reports of a haunting have started emerging from drivers who use that road, mostly commercial truck drivers who drive at odd hours.

A ghost is now believed to haunt the dangerous road during the late hours of the night. Most drivers have reported seeing a sudden eruption of flames right in front of their trucks. While some are coming forward with reports of seeing a blurry figure in white. iMzansi managed to get hold of Mr Brian Matavata, a Zimbabwean based truck driver who frequents the road and we got a chilling account of his story.

“You’re on the road for many hours and when you see things like that you think you’re hallucinating because you’re tired. That’s what I thought the first time I saw flames erupting right in front of my truck” he said. He went on say the second time he made the trip he saw a blurry figure in white right at the same spot and that’s when he began to have questions.

“I asked my fellow colleagues if they had seen anything unusual on the road and I was shocked when 3 of them came forward with a similar story. Where I come from it’s quite common to come across things like that so I immediately knew this was a haunting”

The ghost is believed to be one of the many victims who have perished on the sight and was never found. It’s believed to come around during the late hours after midnight and roams the area till 4 am in the morning.

Some private drivers have stopped their cars thinking it was a passenger in distress only to find nothing or rather, no one.
Fascinated by the supernatural, some have managed to get a camera shot of the ghost. See the images below and judge for yourself.




Source: imzansi



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