Villagers in the Karoo region have been living in fear over reported sightings of three black ghosts that appear in the nearby river.

Sources privy to the on goings at the remote village say the ghosts have bee spotted about 5 times in the month of September alone. “They appear to be asking for something judging by their hand gesture but no one has been brve enough to get close to them”, the source said. Further investigations by LiveMonitor crew revealed that the sightings started right about the same time a 5 year old boy went missing in the same area.

Village elders have remained mum on the issue but speculation is rife that a popular sangoma was summoned to cleanse the place before the ghosts become violent.

One elder said there was a probability the ghosts wanted to show them where the 5 year old boy was. “We just need to be careful how we proceed”, he said

Source : iMzansi


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