Nandi Madida Spoils Herself With R1.2 Million Mercedes Benz[Images: Twitter/Nandi Madida]

Nandi Madida Spoils Herself With R1.2 Million Mercedes Benz


Nandi Madida has joined the Girls with Mercs club after she spoiled herself with a brand-new Mercedes Benz AMG GLE.

The star posted a picture of the car’s interior and said nothing smells better than it. She bought the new vehicle as an early Christmas present for herself.


Fans and followers of the superstar congratulated her on purchasing the supercar in the comment section. Most also expressed that the car is their dream car.

Nandi’s Mercedes Benz AMG GLE is a fairly new kid on the block. The car hasn’t been around for too long. It retails for a whopping R 1,2 million. Currently, it’s on top of the pyramid when we count top-of-the-range luxury vehicles.

The musician shocked her fans with the vehicle splurge. More than anything, Nandi is famous for being a non-flashy celebrity. She has the aura of minimalism, although she possesses gorgeous looks.

Instead of splurging on cars and designer clothes, she is known for rather spending on small guilty pleasures. She and her husband, Zakes Bantwini like to express that they prefer investing primarily.


The singer Nandi is adding to her fleet with the Mercedes Benz AMG GLE. Previously she was driving a stunning black Land Rover.

In the year 2020, she became a Mercedes brand ambassador, and the brand gave her a car. She got her car in August 2020, and fans agreed it was a stunner. It seems the Mercedes bug bit her since she has now bought a Benz of her own.


Unfortunately for her fans, Nandi made her Mercedes AMG GLE a bit mysterious. She merely just posted the interior, so more details are a bit sketchy.

There’s no knowledge of the car’s colour, so everyone is pretty much guessing at this point. Her husband, Zakes, has also been quiet about the car. One thing that stands out about Nandi is her love for privacy despite being such a public figure.

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