Giyani woman gives birth to snake like creature

A woman from Giyani in Limpopo gave birth to a snake-like crature.

News of the bizarre incident spread like fire in the Giyani town and according to neighbors, the 37­year­old woman and her family are still puzzled with the mysterious thing that happened to her. The woman, Avhapfani said she started feeling sick sometime in October last year and would continuously vomit. Her husband, who works in Rustenburg encouraged her to take a pregnancy test of which it came back negative.

However, some time in April, Avhapfani’s stomach started to swell as if she was in her last pregnancy trimester. She went to doctors for scans who claimed she needed to go several procedures before they would determine what was wrong with her.

On the day, she woke up in severe pain as if she was in labour and her family took her to the doctor’s who could not do anything at that time. In distress, they took her to a local sangoma who then told them she had to remove the thing that was inside her.

A midwife forced her to give birth and undergo labor. To their surprise, a creature that looks like a snake with two teeth of came out of her.


Her mother quickly stabbed the creature and burned it

Source : iMzansi



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