God is a black woman, claims man who died and resurrected

Traditionally, God is a white male—with a long white hair and beard, and also handsome.

Over the last few years, various feminist movements have called on this notion of God to be altered—arguing that, painting God as HE is patriarchal way of thinking and it cuts off women as though they are not also true images of God.

Last year, a group of women bishop from the Church of England took on the challenge to get the church to reconsider it usage of HE for God—and substitute this with SHE. At the time, one of the supporters of the idea, the Rev Emma Percy, chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford, said the dominance of male language makes women feel that they are less holy.

That seems to be a true call—at least according to what a Ghanaian man, Owusu Asiedu, 46, is saying. Owusu Asiedu who is said to have died in his sleep woke up a few hours later after he had been cleaned and burial preparations were being made in Obuasi, Ghana. After all the panic and screaming, Owusu told family members that when he died, he went to heaven and met God—who he described as a beautiful black woman, with a short natural hair.

According to Owusu Asiedu, God told him to come back and take care of his two children—and to also warn those on earth that she will be destroying the world soon so they ought to repent. He claims he did not see Jesus Christ but heard several people singing in a big room, all the time that he spent in heaven talking to God.

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