Gogo Maweni WeddingGogo Maweni and her husband Sabelo Mgube

Gogo Maweni Set for Lavish Double Wedding

Renowned sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni is set to exchange vows with her husband Sabelo Mgube in a two-part wedding celebration.

The first phase will take place at Maweni’s family home in Ormonde, Johannesburg, followed by the final ceremony in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, where Sabelo hails from.

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A Blended Celebration: Gogo Maweni Speaks On Her Wedding

According to Maweni, the wedding in Ormonde will be a small affair as her mother will not be attending. However, she prefers not to discuss the reasons behind her mother’s absence. Maweni expressed a range of emotions, stating,

“This is a big step for us; this has brought our families together, and my dad has been excited and supportive.”

The couple has opted for a blended approach to their nuptials. Maweni shared that they will first tie the knot in the Shembe tradition, followed by a white wedding later in the day.

“Later, I am going to change into my gown for the fancy part of the ceremony,’ she said.

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Expecting Their First Child Together

In addition to the wedding festivities, Maweni and Sabelo are also expecting their first child together after a successful IVF journey. Maweni confirmed the news of her fourth pregnancy on Instagram in May, writing,

“Feeling fat lasts nine months, but the joy of becoming a mom again lasts forever.”

Previously, Maweni had expressed that she felt the three sons she already had were enough.

“I have proven that I’m a mother and I can have children. Fortunately, I met someone who loves me and who I am married to. So, it’s only natural for me to bear children for him,” she said.

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