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A dog that has been rescued from the roof of Stellenbosch University’s engineering faculty building will be the recipient of the dean’s goodwill.

The dog, which was found undernourished, was placed in the care of an animal welfare organisation. The dean of the university’s engineering faculty will sponsor the dog’s food for a year.


Inspector Rudy Bergstedt was sent out. The dog was not found immediately, so Bergstedt returned later with food and water.

“The fire station personnel and Rudy found her in a room, and he quietly slipped a lead on her and brought her to the shelter,” said AWSS general manager Lorna Hughes.

“There were a lot of feathers, and Rudy thinks she might have survived on a few pigeons,” she said.

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How the dog got on the roof and how long it was there were unknown, according to Stellenbosch Municipality spokesperson Stuart Grobbelaar.

Stellenbosch Fire and Rescue said it was also unsure of how long the dog had been stuck on the roof, as they were only notified on Monday, according to station commander Kenny Alberts.

“I think she was there for quite some time because she was very thin,” said Alberts.

The dog is still underweight and is being fed three times a day.

According to Hughes, the roughly 1-year-old rescued greyhound has been named Sky – short for Skywalker – by her new Sighthound Rescue SA (SRSA) foster mom.

“Tomorrow is her sterilisation,” said Hughes.

According to Van Niekerk, he will donate R5 000 to R10 000 to both AWSS and the person who adopts Sky.

“I am sure SRSA will be very happy for a few bags of food,” said Hughes.


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