A wedding ceremony quickly turned into a funeral after the groom started vomiting blood and collapsed right in the middle of saying his vows.

Chaotic scenes erupted inside the church as everyone rushed to witness the scene right before them.

“We were in the middle of reciting our wedding vows then suddenly he started vomiting blood and he collapsed before we could get a word out of him. The bride who is now a widow tearfully testified

Some eyewitnesses say it looked like the groom was hit by something invisible before  he started vomiting and convulsing

By the time the ambulance services arrived to his rescue he was already dead and there was no resuscitation that could bring him back.

Post-mortem results from the hospital are still pending but most attendees have started their own speculation.

“We believe it is witchcraft at work as there are jealous people who did not want to see these two being joined at the altar” a close friend of the couple said.

According to relatives the groom had an ex girlfriend  he had capriciously jilted and left for his now widowed bride. It certainly does look like the force of karma was at work.

The bride is said to be beyond herself with grief and had to be admitted to the hospital after attempting to take her own life.


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