Grootman Number Leaked GcinileGrootman Cries Foul After Gcinile Leaked His Number [Image: @real_themba._selahle/Instagram]

Controversial forex trader Grootman is crying foul as strangers harass and attempt to hack him after Gcinile leaked his number.


The Viral Drama

Grootman, born Themba Selahle, has been under fire as people accuse him of leaking his mapona video with ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala. The couple dated for three years, and their love story was enviable.

Grootman and Gcinile broke up this May, and it was a messy show. Grootman demanded everything back that he bought Gcinile. He even snatched away his engagement ring.

In the background, he reportedly begged the makeup artist to take him back, but Gcinile stuck to her guns. The forex “scammer” then went for the jugular, allegedly leaking their mapona video.


Gcinile Approaches The Court To Fight Grootman

Grootman Number Leaked Gcinile
Grootman Cries Foul After Gcinile Leaked His Number [Image: YFM]


This week, Gcinile Twala took legal action against her ex-fiancé, Grootman. She sought to prevent him from sharing explicit videos or photos of her.

The court granted the order, which prohibits him from contacting her in a threatening or harassing way. Selahle will be responsible for covering Twala’s legal costs associated with this case. A hearing is scheduled for July to determine a permanent permanent court order.

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Grootman Cries Foul As Gcinile Leaks His Number

After applying for the interdict against Grootman, Gcinile made the court document public. The document included her ex-lover’s personal phone number and email address.

People took the contact details and have been giving Grootman hell. They have been bombarding him with calls and messages, while some have attempted to hack his accounts.

Grootman grumbled:

“The thing about backyard lawyers is you end up catching a lawsuit yourself trying to send one. How do you even expose AN ACCUSED’s personal information on a court order? What if my numbers or emails get hacked in the process while I am not been guilty of anything and only the court can make that decision?

“What if there are robberies and attacks on the address before the court’s decision? I now have to change my numbers, emails and address to protect my documents and for my safety while preparing for court.”

The influencer then shared screenshots of people calling and messaging him. He added:

“Already getting harassed with endless calls, WhatsApps and attempts of hacking my Instagram. The same reason that caused all this mess. GETTING HACKED. Le naganela morago lena and I will teach you a lesson. Pray nothing happens in the meantime.”

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