A human trafficking victim, Love John(not her real name), has revealed how she slept with more than 400 men in less than five months

Love**, 22, and her 23-year-old sister, Happiness, were lured into prosti-tution sometime in January by their eldest sister, Mary. The lady also tricked a cousin, Joy Lawrence, 25, promising the three ladies that she could give them jobs that would help them make a decent living.

By the time they discovered that they had been trafficked, the victims said they had become trapped.

According to reports, Joy Lawrence and another victim fled the hotel on Monday when they could no longer bear the pain they were subjected to.

It was learnt that the ladies collected between R80 and R300 per session, paid R150 per day for hotel rates, and made about R13 000 in savings within the period.

Narrating her ordeal, Love told the media that she did not have any formal education because their father died when they were toddlers. She disclosed that she slept with an average of four men a day.

She said, “I was learning tailoring in the village. My sister told me she could help me get a job in the city; she didn’t tell me that it was pro_stitution I was coming to do. After we got to the city, she said we should do this (pro_stitution) job so we can make money to be able to finish my craft as a tailor. I slept with about four men in a day and each of them pay me at least R80.”

Her elder sister, Happiness, also said she was not aware she had been trafficked until she arrived in the city and was introduced to pro_stitution.

“I didn’t go to school and I have not learnt any trade. I came to the city a few months ago. My sister didn’t tell me this was what I was coming to do here. She said it was a good job,” she said.

“I ran away because I didn’t like the work. I don’t want to do it again. I never knew this was the job.”

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