A Celestial Church pastor, Prophet Samson Mahlangu, who is the Shepherd in charge of the Jehovah Jireh Apostolic flock, is currently cooling his heels at the police cells for allegedly mur_dering a male member of his church.

Prophet Mahlangu was said to have struck the deceased, identified as Kwanele (23) on the head with a spiritual stick.

Kwanele, who died after a day in the hospital from internal bleeding, was struck on the head with the spiritual stick. The prophet claimed the stick was used to drive out spirits which possessed the deceased.After going into a state of unconsciousness, Prophet Mahlangu claimed that the spirit had left  him, therefore he was now resting.

It was only when he remained in this state when one church elder got concerned and felt his pulse, which turned out to be very weak.

Kwanele had slipped into a coma from the head injury and he passed away without ever being revived.

Prophet Mahlangu declined to comment under the advise of his legal team.

Source: imzansi



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