A 3 meter long python shocked villagers in Limpopo recently after is swallowed a three year old toddler while he was at the veld with his older brothers herding cattle.

What started off a a normal day in the Chauke residence ended in disaster when a python swallowed their last born son, James. According to eye witnesses, James and his older brother Mike had gone to herd the cattle as they normally did during the weekends where they would meet up with other village boys to play soccer while herding cattle.

It is then that tragedy struck as the unattended James wandered off into the bushes and a opportunistic python got its fangs on him and swallowed him whole. Once it had swallowed the little by, it decided to take a nap. In the mean time, Mike had noticed that James was missing and was frantically searching for him with the help of other boys.

snake goat

“One boy the discovered the python which was motionless with a big bulge which showed it has just swallowed something.” , an eye witness said. An alarm was raised and older village men ran to the scene with pangas to kill the snake and free James.

Unfortunately it was too late as James had already suffocated to death but they did free him and  gave him a decent burial. James’s distraught mother is said to have fainted twice during the funeral as she could not believe her son was no more.

Source : iMzansi


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