There are so many women out there that have let go of their dream men simply because they could not afford to open up to them.
In this part of the world, women are not at liberty to express themselves when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Women are expected to be quiet and speak to men who approach them on love issues.

Asking a man out in this part of the world will make people see you in a bad light. You will rather watch the man you are crushing on get married to another woman while you act his friend. The society thinks walking up to a man to express your feelings to him will make you cheap as the man will see you as worthless.

Times have changed and things are a bit different now. Maybe it is because of the erosion of cultural values and background. Women now attempt doing things men have been known for in the past. In this light, it may not be so weird walking up to a man you like and telling him about your emotions.

Some women tried it and are happily married to the men now. Getting this done depends on the approach you take while doing it. There are some dos and don’ts involved in asking men out; if you are patient enough, you will find out all you need to do if you want to ask a man out.

Find out how you can ask a man out below:

1. Pay him compliments

If you want to ask a man out you have to be reasonable about it. You have to be subtle with the approach you take when you want to accomplish this.

You can start by admiring him and mentioning something unique about his appearance. Take the cue while you do this; if he gives you a funny look, you may back down before you end up embarrassing yourself.

2. Never be direct

Things may be a little bit emotional at your end but you have to be cautious not to have things blown out of proportion.

If you walk up to him and say “I am deeply in love with you”, he may smile while his brain interprets it as “come make love to me”. You have to careful so you do not end up being played on.

3. Flirt if you can

If you want to ask a man out, you will be needing more than your mouth. Your senses have to be in full swing as you will be doing lots of body talk.

Your body language has to be on point as you may need to use your eyes while throwing your body into various angles.

Be sure not to over do it so he does not think you are flirty and dirty. The aim of doing this is to excite him and lure him into finding out more about you.

4. Never give in easily

As soon as you have given the man all the hints and he has noticed you, you have to be smart to change the game and switch sides.

Since you flirted with him and got him to be your friend, he will be interested in sleeping with you almost immediately. No matter how hor_ny you are, never jump into his bed.

Let him do the chasing and get to know you in the process. If you give in without much fight, you will be out of his life as quick as you entered.

5. Joke about it

Another thing you can do if you want to ask a man out is to tease him about it if you are friends already. You can watch his reactions and get relevant information from him about the situation.

If he has a girlfriend, he will probably chip that in while you laugh it off. There is no point trying to ask out a man who has a bae in his life. Save your skin from acid bath.


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